Available Scholarships in Europe 2023 Fully Funded

Available Scholarships in Europe 2023 Fully Funded

Scholarships in Europe 2023 No IELTS Available. Every government in Europe has its own fully funded scholarships and then 2,725 officially recognized higher education institutions in Europe.

European universities and governments spend millions of euros every year to attract high-potential international students to study in Europe. You can study without IELTS at many universities in Europe.There are some of the largest scholarship programs offered by the entire European government such as: B. the Erasmus Mundus grant. If you receive the scholarship in Europe, the European Scholarships will cover your Tuition, Visa, Airfare, Health, Accommodation, Monthly Scholarships and Textbooks.

Top Europe Scholarships for 2023 Without IELTS

  1. DAAD master’s courses for all scientific disciplines (open)

This scholarship program offers you the opportunity to continue your scientific education in Germany with a postgraduate degree. Highly qualified graduates with a first degree (e.g.Bachelor, diploma) can apply.

LEVEL: Masters, postgraduate.

COUNTRY: Germany

More information: Visit Official Website

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   2. Germany Government Scholarships 2023-24

This is Germany’s largest scholarship program for all international students. This scholarship is open to the completion of full-time Masters and PhD programs at top German universities.

LEVEL: Master, PhD

COUNTRY: Germany

More information: Visit Official Website

   3. Belgian Government Scholarship (open October)

Belgian Government ARES Scholarship offers the opportunity to pursue a Bachelor or Masters program or a Continuing Education course of 2 to 6 months within a university educational institution of the Wallonia Federation -Brussels Belgium. There are one hundred and thirty bachelor’s and master’s scholarships and seventy continuing education scholarships available.

LEVEL: Bachelor, Master, Continuing Education

COUNTRY: Belgium

More information: Visit Official Website

   4. SBW Berlin scholarships in Germany (open in November)

Scholarships support talented young international students who were originally involved in social projects in their countries.The scholarship is reserved for students from Eastern Europe, South America, Asia and Africa.

LEVEL: Master’s degree.

COUNTRY: Germany

More information: Visit Official Website

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   5. Amsterdam Merit Scholarships

Non-EU/EEA passport holders who have applied to study at the University of Amsterdam can apply for an Amsterdam Merit Scholarship apply . The time frames for the AMS differ depending on the university or graduate school.

LEVEL: Masters

COUNTRY: Netherlands.

More information: Visit Official Website

   6. Erasmus Mundus Scholarship (open in August)

If you are planning to do a Masters in Europe, then the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship for International Students is a Masters and PhD -Scholarship to study in different universities Europeans in different European countries.

LEVEL: Master, PhD


More information: Visit Official Website

   7. Heinrich Boll Foundation scholarship

The Heinrich Boll Foundation scholarship awards 1,000 scholarships each year for studying Bachelor’s, Master’s and doctoral courses at German universities. The Heinrich Scholarship is funded by the DAAD and the Heinrich Boll Foundation.

Financial security: matriculation, monthly allowance, family child benefit, health insurance, financing a study trip abroad.

More information: Visit Official Website

Deadline: September 1, 2022

   9. University of Milan Italy Scholarships

The University of Milan awards 155 Excellence Scholarships to international students. These, 55 scholarships are fully funded and 100 scholarships are partially funded. The University of Milan is offering “Scholarships of Excellence” to its best new students. For bachelor and master students.

LEVEL: Master, PhD

More information: Visit Official Website

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   10. TU Delft Excellence Scholarship in The Netherlands

Fully Funded TU Delft Excellence Scholarship in The Netherlands. TU Delft was ranked 15th in the QS World University Ranking. The Delft Excellence Scholarship is a fully funded scholarship to study for a master’s degree at Delft University of Technology.

Deadline: December 1, 2022

More information: Visit Official Website

   11. Łukasiewicz Scholarship of the Polish Government

The program of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA) created the scholarship program for international students to study a full-time master’s program in Poland.

The majors in this scholarship program are Engineering, Arts, Information Technology and Social Sciences.

LEVEL: Master, PhD

More information: Visit Official Website

   12. Warsaw University Scholarships

Warsaw University is the largest university in Poland. It is the prestigious and oldest university in Poland and offers various scholarships for international students which are listed below.

LEVEL: Masters, PhD

Read more about: Warsaw University Scholarship


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